Should I Hire an Attorney to Help with a Loan Modification?

Darren DiMarco

We highly recommend obtaining competent and skilled legal help if you are: (a) significantly delinquent on your mortgage; (b) self-employed; (c) receive contributions for your housing expenses; or (d) already in foreclosure (a notice of default or notice of trustee sale has been filed).  To be clear, the experience the attorney needs to be valuable to you is with successfully obtaining home loans and mortgage modifications for clients.  This process can also be addressed in the Central District of California with the LMM Pilot Program to have bankruptcy court oversight. 

Here are some reasons why you want to consider hiring an attorney experienced in mortgage loans:

  1. Mortgage loan expertise:  It is essential that an attorney representing you has deep knowledge of mortgage underwriting guidelines, modification requirements, documenting alternative sources of income and client’s financial hardship.  Additionally, an attorney experienced in bankruptcy law is important to advise you regarding your options and rights – even if you plan on avoiding bankruptcy.
  2. Negotiation skills: An attorney can negotiate with your lender on your behalf to secure the best possible terms for your loan modification. They can also ensure that the lender is following all applicable laws and regulations during the process.
  3. Legal protection: An attorney can help protect your legal rights and interests throughout the loan modification process. They can review any legal documents and agreements to ensure that they are in your best interest and protect you from potential legal liabilities.
  4. Faster resolution: An attorney can help expedite the loan modification process by ensuring that all necessary documents and information are submitted correctly and on time.

The experienced loan modification attorneys at DiMarco Warshaw, A Professional Law Corporationstart with a free evaluation.  We’ll go over your options and provide our assessment on your best options and how we can help you.  Many times, there is no upfront cost for us to begin our services.

Attorney Darren DiMarco has over 30 years of experience helping clients become approved for mortgage loans.  He has helped several hundred clients achieve loan modifications with beneficial terms since 2009. Additionally, he’s helped more than a hundred individuals settle their first and second mortgages at greatly discounted amounts.  He is licensed through the National Mortgage Licensing System and by California Department of Real Estate – NMLS# 361115, DRE# 01071383.

Law Partner Andy Warshaw is certified by the State Bar of California as a Specialist in Bankruptcy Law, and has used his skills to stop foreclosure actions and negotiate excellent terms to pay back delinquencies and strip mortgage liens away from his client’s real estate.

We can provide immediate assistance to help avoid foreclosure and other collections actions, along with eliminating the burden of stress you may be feeling from your debt. To speak to an experienced attorney with your best interests in mind, schedule a free evaluation here or call us directly at 888-890-5474.

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"Darren did some work for me and helped me kick-start getting out of debt completely! He was a major help. He consistently followed-through, followed up, and made every step of the process very simple for me to understand. He did a very thorough job and was always readily available for my questions...

- Janessa I.

"Was blessed to come across Darren through a Yelp search when an issue arose. I wasn't sure who to call or even what kind of advice I was looking for. From our initial consultation, he reassured me that there were options and he offered advice/strategies all along the way. In fact, I think he gave...

- Mandy D.

"I called 5 different professionals in North San Diego and requested financial counsel for personal debt. Darren DiMarco returned my call the same day, and educated me during our conversation. He advised me of what I should know before choosing a professional. Very honest and easy to build a rapport...

- Mark M.

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