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We Negotiate Discounted Settlements with Your Creditors to Save You Money

  • Our Debt Solution Attorneys provide You Legal Advice about Your Situation
  • Skilled Negotiation with Your Creditors so we can get You Optimal Savings
  • Our Fee is based on Our Performance – not the amount of your debt.

Bottom-line: We have both a fiduciary responsibility and financial incentive to do everything we can in your best interest and to save you maximum dollars

Debt Settlement is a key area of practice for our firm and we negotiate all types of debt, including:

  • Credit Card Balances & Personal Loans
  • Business Lines of Credit, SBA Loans, Leases, & MCAs
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs), and Mortgages
  • Outstanding Balances Owed to Vehicle Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, Homeowner Associations (HOAs), etc.

Our business is based on finding the ideal debt solution for each client with consideration to your short- and long-term financial goals. Our broad experience in debt resolution, foreclosure prevention, and bankruptcy is crucial to finding your correct debt solution—and also important to helping you avoid pitfalls from being led down the wrong path.

Expert Debt Negotiators

We’re expert debt negotiators who can secure optimal results for you and save you money while protecting your financial future.

Real Estate Debt Experience

We understand real estate debt and are well-versed in all of the solutions available to help struggling homeowners.

Our Debt Settlement Difference

Typical “debt relief” companies handling settlement services are not law firms, so they cannot give legal advice. Conversely, DiMarco Warshaw, A Professional Law Corporation will inform you about your options and the legal consequences of taking certain actions.

Personalized Negotiations

Unlike typical “debt relief” companies that make “bulk” settlement requests by listing their customers on a spreadsheet, DiMarco Warshaw, A Professional Law Corporation negotiate on behalf of each individual client in order to get the best settlement terms for you.

Help With A Lawsuit

Typical “debt relief” companies (non-lawyers) cannot help customers with existing lawsuits, or lawsuits filed during the negotiation process. DiMarco Warshaw, A Professional Law Corporation on the other hand, will represent you in settlement negotiations, even if a lawsuit is filed against you.

Zero Monthly Fees

Unlike typical “debt relief” companies that charge a monthly fee and require you to make monthly installments while you’re saving up for a settlement, we allow you to keep your money until you’re ready to make your first payment toward a settlement agreement—and we charge zero monthly maintenance fees.

Affordable Debt Relief

Unlike typical “debt relief” companies who charge fees up to 25% of your existing debt balance, we charge based on how much money we save you. So we are paid based on our performance, and our fee will likely be less than half of what a “debt relief” company charges.

Debt Negotiation & Settlement Services.

Debt settlement involves negotiating with a creditor to reach a discounted settlement or repayment plan as a resolution to an outstanding balance owed. A key aspect of debt settlement—and what sets it apart from other debt solutions—is the negotiation process. To successfully negotiate with creditors requires the experience and skill of a professional trained in debt practices. We negotiate all types of debt, including credit card balances, personal loans, equity lines of credit, and mortgages, business debt plus outstanding balances owed to landlords (especially on business leases), vehicle finance companies, insurance companies, and other professional fees.

For debt settlement negotiation, our compensation is performance-based related to the amount of money we save you. In other words, we have every incentive to engage in the toughest negotiation and obtain the best settlement terms for you.

Sadly, the debt settlement industry has earned a reputation for unethical actors who take advantage of their clients’ financial distress. We estimate 25 percent of our clients have had negative experiences with a “debt relief” or “debt management” company before they come to us. We strongly advise anyone considering debt settlement to consult first with an experienced attorney.

For more information, or to discuss debt settlement options, contact us for a free assessment.

Free from the Burden of Debt.

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Client Reviews

Was in a situation where I was up to my ears in Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Debt . So I started looking on line for help. I called several debt relief companies and they all sounded as shady as the MCA companies. Until I decided to call Darren DiMARCO . After a great phone conversation I was...

- Dan L.

"Darren helped me with a debt against my business. He gave me his advice and I then hired him because I felt he was so honest and straightforward. He got on my issue immediately and settled my debt. He did exactly what he said he would do, handled my issue quickly and was always available when I...

– Christina L.

"Darren did some work for me and helped me kick-start getting out of debt completely! He was a major help. He consistently followed-through, followed up, and made every step of the process very simple for me to understand. He did a very thorough job and was always readily available for my questions...

- Janessa I.

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