What is a subchapter 5 in bankruptcy, and how does it differ from classic chapter 11 bankruptcy?

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Subchapter 5 is a part of the Bankruptcy Code that was added in 2019 as part of the Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA). It is a streamlined bankruptcy process designed specifically for small businesses with debts of up to $7,500,000.  The debt limit on this will likely change over time.

Subchapter 5 bankruptcy has similarities to a traditional Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but it also has significant differences. The goal of subchapter 5 is to make the bankruptcy process less expensive, faster, and more accessible to small businesses. This can be achieved in the right situation.  

Under subchapter 5, a small business debtor can file a plan of reorganization without having to obtain votes from creditors. Another difference is that subchapter 5 eliminates the possibility of a creditors’ committee. This can save the debtor money on legal and administrative expenses. Additionally, subchapter 5 provides for a trustee who has the statutory role of facilitating plan confirmation.  

Overall, subchapter 5 bankruptcy is a streamlined and accessible option for small businesses or individuals struggling with debt. It allows debtors to reorganize and emerge from bankruptcy with a plan curing certain secured claims, addressing tax liabilities, and discharging unsecured obligations that lead to a sustainable financial future.

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